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Knowledge is power. For one to have the required knowledge to help him prosper and maintain the core values of the environment and the society he/she needs information. For which among all the sources available the easiest to access information is the internet. And so with that we have tried to see that we can help people to know how to use the internet to acquire the necessary knowledge for sustainable growth in their communities where they live

Our aim as a group is creating an environment in which an ordinary man or woman can also have access to internet and also easily use it to access information.

Many people especially in the rural areas of Uganda can rarely access the required information especially about there rights. For example the right to express their beliefs.

Our mission is to reach out to the lowest man and woman who can rarely access information. There is a lot of enriching information on the internet that many people especially in the rural areas of Uganda have never had a chance to access.

So let us join hands to help the poor people access information- Since  knowledge is power! And its denial  is a calling to be poor.


Information Access Uganda reaches out to various rural areas of Uganda with ways to easily access information. We train the local people how to use tools that can help them access information and we also link them to the  right information that can help them know there freedom.

Let us work together and help change the lives of those who ignorant by helping them get the rightful information.


  1. its a good company that has helped the societies of Uganda to archive computer skills.

    1. Thank you for following Novus Terra activities. We promise to keep striving to serve the society with the best ICT related services.


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